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Sept. 26th

Look who stopped by to say hi and take a picture with the Mystery Machine! Big thanks to our friend The Duck! So excited you see you Sunday October 4th at Emerald Valley Comic Fest!


Sept. 23rd

Thank you to Jill Plumb and her advanced theater class at Springfield High School for welcoming us into their class! It was great talking with you all and we can’t wait to see you at the show! Remember to always reach for your dreams!!

Sept. 20th

A great piece on Emerald Valley Comic Fest by @kezi9! Check it out then check us out October 3rd & 4th!! Click Here!


Sept. 19th

Come check out this great interview done by Megan Shinn for KMTR / NBC News Source 16 about Emerald Valley Comic Fest! Click Here!

KMTR Interview