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Concordia Clan is the Oregon chapter of the Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club. The MMCC is a worldwide Star Wars fan organization dedicated to creating unique movie-quality Bounty Hunter costumes. The MMCC is a non profit charity organization that goes out into local communities to entertain and support children reading programs, anti-bullying programs, and much more. Concordia Clan is well known for attending parades, birthday parties, conventions, community events, and much more. All donations received by patrons go directly to the MMCC charity called Little Warrior International, or to local charitys that Concordia Clan partners with. Continue Reading

Ryan Wells


Ryan Wells, from Portland OR, has been doing props and sets for various theater and haunt productions throughout the years and only recently started cosplaying in September of 2013. Ryan can be found featured on several cosplay and special effects panels as well as workshops at various convention, podcasts, cosplay websites, web series, multiple publications and even featured in cosplay at Seattle’s EMP Museum for Science Fiction ribbon cutting ceremony and will soon be appearing as an animated cosplayer on the show Fugget About It. Ryan is admin for his local online cosplay group and is a huge advocate for sharing ideas, community, volunteering, as well as a builder for the Magic Wheelchair, a non-profit organization. Most recently Ryan has joined talents on Cosplay Cruises and is super excited for future international adventures!

“Cosplay was a natural progression for me since there was simply not enough Halloween in my life. I love to learn new skills, trades, make challenges for myself, getting inspiration and ideas from friends (new and old) and making connections through this great community. Known for being a “creature cosplayer” I tend to draw inspiration mainly from film but I’m trying to branch out into other genres.”

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